E-Commerce Coin, the smart choice for your business.

Sell using your cryptocurrency gateway.

E-Commerce coin is specifically designed for small eCommerce websites and merchants. It is a complete package of security, simplicity & privacy with pretty fast transactions. Ecommerce coin is world's first ever cryptocurrency solution for E-Commerce websites, bringing a revolutionary change in eCommerce markets.
Infact, it is the best solution for you. It is an absolute payment gateway for E-Commerce. You would be more than happy using the eCommerce coin because it will never compromise your security or privacy.

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Better for you and your customers

Customer Support.

We’re here to help you and your customers with anything, from setting up your business account to Seller Protection and queries with transactions.

Quicker and simpler access to funds.

Payments you receive go to your E-Commerce Coin Balance in moments, and you can withdraw funds to your bank account.

Sell on your website. with your currency

Accept payments from customers in unlimited currencies or cryptocurencies and build markets without the hassle of accepting foreign cards.

E-Commerce Coin will drive your product forward

Present your product, start up, or portfolio in a beautifully modern way. Turn your visitors in to clients.

  • Design for Marchants

    E-Commerce Coin is universal for Marchants at all scales.

  • Business Way

    E-Commerce Coin takes advantage of common business patterns, allowing for a seamless experience for users of all levels.

  • Use Developers API to integrate in your business

    E-Commerce Coin open source code for any other project you like except Business API.

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Main Features

Best & First E-commerce business gateway..

  • -- E-commerce
  • -- Unlimited ( Withdrawal / Deposit ) Methods
  • -- ( Send / Receive ) Money
  • -- ( Create / Load ) Vouchers
  • -- Currency Exchange
  • -- Earn by transaction fees
  • -- Crossbrowser
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The advantages of e-commerce are for business, customers, and conjointly for society. The primary advantage is for business, like more effective in value.

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